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Stories move us and shape us. They impact how we see the world and how we act in it. I believe in the power of story and on this site you will not only find my published stories but also the stories I have uncorked from other people. If you see something you like, please share it will a friend.

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Psychologist and Author Gay Hendricks

Psychologist Gay Hendricks is counselor, writer, and teacher in the field of personal growth, relationships, and body intelligence. He’s best known for his work in relationship enhancement and is the founder of The Hendricks Institute, where he and his...

Warren Farrell – Author of The Boy Crisis

Dr. Warren Farrell is the author of the just-published The Boy Crisis (with co-author John Gray). It exposes the boy crisis worldwide, as well as the causes and solutions that can be implemented by parents, schools and policy makers. Dr. Farrell has been...

New York Times Bestselling Author Lou Aronica

Lou Aronica didn’t intend to be a writer; born on Elvis Presley’s birthday, Lou felt it was his destiny to be a rock star, but that all changed after a teacher encouraged him to develop an evident talent for writing. After graduating college with a degree...

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I was in a very cranky mood this past Monday morning; my sleep was interrupted by our dog who decided 3am was a good time to go out. On top of that, I was dreading going back to work after almost two full weeks off and I took this frustration out on my wife by...

A Pirate Looks at 50

Today my brother Gregory turned 50 and while many people would dread such a milestone year, he was literally beaming from ear to ear.  He and my sister in law, Carolyn, had a very intimate affair with just a few other couples. The weather was great, the food was...

You needed me? No, I needed you!

When I was the age my kids are now my parents would put me and my twin brother in a car and drive us from our home in Connecticut down to Pompano Beach, FL to visit my grandmothers. This is not a trip for the faint of heart; 2 days in a car without the distractions of...

The Ultimate Challenger

I have a problem; I've been known to spend more time surfing Netflix for a movie to watch than I spend watching whatever movie I decide is worthy of my attention. This problem is multiplied on family movie night when there are multiple opinions to consider and this...