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Stories move us and shape us. They impact how we see the world and how we act in it. I believe in the power of story and on this site you will not only find my published stories but also the stories I have uncorked from other people. If you see something you like, please share it will a friend.

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Recently Uncorked Stories

Patricia Fuqua, Founder of Dating Diamonds

Patricia Fuqua is the founder of Dating Diamonds, a service that empowers women to meet the right man the second time around and is the creator of the 1st Date to Soulmate Program. Since 2008, she’s helped over 500 women meet the right man by designing a...

Bestselling Author Linwood Barclay

Linwood Barclay is a former columnist for The Toronto Star and the author of several critically acclaimed novels including Too Close to Home and No Time for Goodbye, a #1 Sunday Times (UK) bestseller. He lives near Toronto with his wife. Listen up as...

Author Christopher Ryan – A Bronx Tale

Christopher Ryan has always been a storyteller. Whether "ranking" on friends as a teen, covering street crime and dirty politics in The Bronx as an award-winning reporter, or teaching High School English, he serves the story above all else. I recently...

Recent Posts

Intent vs. Outcome 

At the moment, I am sitting alone in one of Charleston South Carolina's nicer hotels. As a guy who travels around the country uncorking stories, this in an of itself is not odd - I'm often alone in hotels. The weird thing is that this week my family is with me and...

Modem Strong

Twenty years ago I joined a company that was at the epicenter of interactive marketing. It was called Modem Media and I started just before its tenth birthday (I even got a snazzy blue laptop bag for being there when it turned double digits). I was hired as a research...

A Lever to Pull

“You are just a lever I had to pull.” This was the rationale given to me by my former CEO when my position was terminated this past January. You know who pulls levers? Executioners, and when these words were spoken, images of Old Sparky came to mind. I suppose this...

How do I get to Heaven?

Today was a day filled with some high highs and low lows. I was asked to at my high school as part of an enrichment program for the schools' scholars program; it was an honor that I will not soon forget and I have the picture to prove it. This evening I was asked to...

When Did I Get Old?

I have a question that has been bothering since I woke up this morning. It’s not a question that is easy to answer nor is it a question that has been posed to be by others.  It’s a difficult question nonetheless – when did I get old? I don’t feel old mind you; in my...