Wrinkles only go where the smiles have been


This week I was fortunate to spend some time with a few amazing people.  I had not seen my friend Michele in almost 15 years. We worked together at Modem […]

A Pirate Looks at 50


Today my brother Gregory turned 50 and while many people would dread such a milestone year, he was literally beaming from ear to ear.  He and my sister in law, […]

The simple things


Right before our kids turned one, my wife and I took them down to Florida to visit my parents. The flight down would provide some excitement as we were informed […]

You needed me? No, I needed you!

If this singing thing doesn't work out, I can always join the LPGA tour

When I was the age my kids are now my parents would put me and my twin brother in a car and drive us from our home in Connecticut down […]

The Ultimate Challenger


I have a problem; I’ve been known to spend more time surfing Netflix for a movie to watch than I spend watching whatever movie I decide is worthy of my […]

A Trip to Gansevoort Street

Keep It Simple

Last night my next door neighbor and I decided it was about time we went out and grabbed a glass of wine; I moved to California back in June and […]