Grace Finds Goodness in Everything

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As I do every year on September 11, this  morning I listened to All that You Can’t Leave Behind by U2 in its entirety on my way to work. After […]

Reflections on Yesterday


This afternoon the kids and I had lunch at an outdoor wine bar near the house.  We split two chicken Caesar salads and all enjoyed some fresh squeezed lemonade; what […]

Yasgur’s Farm by Way of Phoenix, AZ


Two weeks ago I was running a project for a large financial services company and with me was my friend, producer, and director Joe Indusi.  Joe and I have done […]

Waiting for my real life to begin


I have a big birthday coming up in 30 days; the big 4-0.  It’s not something I am dreading but it is a significant milestone and, on the approach to […]

The 7 Gifts of Norma Hart


A few weeks ago, my mother in law Norma Hart was honored by her Church for her years of service to the parish community of St. Francis.  The parish has […]

How “The Boss” helped me through the big move


It’s hard to believe we are in our second week of the big move to LA.  There is so much to love about the area in which we now reside; […]