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Stories move us and shape us. They impact how we see the world and how we act in it. I believe in the power of story and on this site you will not only find my published stories but also the stories I have uncorked from other people. If you see something you like, please share it will a friend.

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New York Times Bestselling Author Jane Green

Jane Green is the author of nineteen novels, including seventeen New York Times Bestsellers, one cookbook, and various short stories. She is published in over 25 languages and has over ten million books in print worldwide. Even though all of this is true,...

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An Instrument of Peace

When I was growing up, we never asked if we were going to Mass on the weekend, the only question was when. This stayed with me throughout college when most of my friends stopped going. I recall often saying at the end of our Fraternity Chapter meetings on Sunday...

Don and Arlene: This is Us

Sixty years ago today, my mother and father were married at Holy Family Church in New Rochelle, NY. The events of that day would produce four children, nine grandchildren, and four granddogs. From my parents' example I have learned many truths about marriage; the...

Another Trip Around the Sun

Yesterday marked the official beginning of my 44th year and I had a fantastic day celebrating it on the golf course with my twin brother Jimmy, my father Don, and my son Patrick. While we were checking in with the starter, I saw some guys with various cameras set up...

A Total Eclipse of Values

A total solar eclipse will cross the US today for the first time in almost 100 years. While it is the first time in a century that this celestial event can be seen across the US, total solar eclipses happen every two years.  That the moon will pass between the earth...

Gimme Three Steps

If you are one of those fortunate to have not only found your true calling in your professional life, but also make a living doing it, do you remember the moment when it clicked for you? Is it easy to recall the exact moment when you realized I was meant to do this?...